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I have been sending property addresses to you spot property and although no deals have been agreed yet, I have to say I have always received my vouchers! For me I think it’s so easy and if they end up buying something I refer, it’s a bonus. Keep those vouchers coming please!!

Mr G Drewett

What a great idea, there has been an empty property on my street in Balham for a number of years and I couldn’t understand why no work had been done to it. A good friend of mine told me about this site where I sent the address in and subsequently received a £20 voucher. 2 months later and I’ve just received a nice reward and hopefully the house is renovated soon. Great service, thank you!

Mr Allen – Neighbour

My sister mentioned this new initiative / website to me, I have now received 2 vouchers for M&S and continue to walk around with my eyes wide open anything that looks a bit scruffy is being reported who knows I might even do this full time. Top idea.

Mrs Charles – passer by

I sold my property in Tooting to You Spot Property, the house had fallen into poor condition and I was being threatened with action from the local council. They contacted me about the property and helped with an easy transaction, they even paid my legal fees.

Mrs Wood – Property Owner

I sent You Spot Property 5 properties in Harrow. I received five £20 vouchers and subsequently received a payment of £5000 when they purchased a property. I was delighted with the way they went about concluding business and the whole process took only 3 months.

Mr Conway – Harrow

Dear youspotproperty, Thanks for this! I had actually already shared it on my social media when I recieved the £20 voucher, and will definitely share the update now on my instagram page. @not.another.broke.girl where I share financial tips. I'm glad I've helped a property in my local are get a new lease of life by simply going on a walk and taking a photo. Let me know if I can help promote in any other way.

A You Spot follower

I am extremely happy to say I have submitted multiple properties and received vouchers for the spot, I have now had confirmation of the first sale of a spot and am delighted. It’s something which takes a few spare minutes and is highly rewarded and I cannot recommend it enough. You spot property have helped me so much with the extra cash from this I find it very rewarding financially and socially knowing I am benefitting my local area by getting run down empty houses filled and back up to standard. I can happily say communication from the team at you spot property has always been great and have had emails back to double check properties submitted if the address info may be incorrect proving they are genuine in rewarding spots.

Nathan Sefton

I am so delighted with return. YouSpotProperty came up trumps! Will be keeping my eyes open. Thank you

Anneth Forrester

The house had been empty for over 20 years, both ourselves and various of the neighbours have contacted the council on several occasions but we never made any progress. I am extremely pleased that you managed to get this very nice little house back into circulation, it was such a shame that it wasn’t lived in for so long.

Mrs Grove